Why you?

You’ve probably had guides and mentors throughout your life and each of them has taken you to the next step in your life and/or career development. You may have tried coaching or therapy, and are still looking to move beyond some lingering limitations. As a Success Advisor, I can help you see and feel your Read more about Why you?[…]

What is the difference between what you do and a coach?

Coaches do great work. and I know this from experience. They push you to breakthroughs in your life, often with their wonderful structures of goal-setting, life-planning and accountability. Coaches also typically work on a specific area of your life with you. However, pushing you to breakthrough results can actually create internal conflict especially if there Read more about What is the difference between what you do and a coach?[…]

Are you a licensed therapist?

I am not a licensed California State mental health professional and do not provide psychotherapy, counseling, or any other mental health service that would require a license, nor do I hold myself out to provide such services. I provide consulting and educational services that often result in substantial learning, transformation, and the acceleration of your Read more about Are you a licensed therapist?[…]

How is your offering different than therapy?

Therapy is about diagnosis, classification, and often medicating. It is a problem and illness approach. Many times it is focused on finding out ‘Why’ you are doing what you are doing to get your current results. That being said, that industry is changing. I know and consult with many colleagues that are licencsed therapists. Many Read more about How is your offering different than therapy?[…]

How is the work you do different than “energy” healing, hypnosis, etc.?

I involve the client in a conscious process. You are aware of what is happening and can learn precisely how to shift the structure of their subjective experience. Basically, the client ‘learns’ and becomes more aware of their surroundings, thus giving the client more positive options. I use and include different ‘energy’ healing modalities in Read more about How is the work you do different than “energy” healing, hypnosis, etc.?[…]

Do you offer a session by session approach?

​I’ve discovered that to get lasting results, it requires a larger personal commitment and greater depth of interaction. Remember, we want to create lasting change. People bump up against boundaries, and it’s critical that we take the time to address them properly. It is comprehensive and effective. Occasionally, it makes sense to have a single Read more about Do you offer a session by session approach?[…]