I’d like to start out with the definition of the word ‘Transition’. Many people associate the word ‘transition’ with ‘big changes’, ‘significant moves’, ‘life altering events’, ‘career shifts’, and so on.

Here’s Webster’s definition:¬†Passage from one form, state, style, or place to another; the process of changing from one state to another.

Given this definition, ANY shift or change is a ‘transition’ whether large or small. How you view the world, how you experience your work, your relationships, your health, your money. Transition involves change, and change can create freedom and creativity. It can also be limiting if it’s experienced negatively. If you’ve experienced this aspect of change, you’ve probably been stuck in a situation that doesn’t seem to be moving forward or resolving itself.

I strongly believe that a human being can create some positive learning or have a positive experience in ALL situations whether they are labeled ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Conversely, we can have a completely ‘horrible’ experience, even if it’s a positive and benign situation. Why is that? Two people can be in the exact same situation; one person experiences an amazing time while the other person wishes life would end.

Afraid Of Change? Many people are…

As a Transition Guide, I assist people in changing how they experience transitions, even the little ones. We take a different approach. When we work together, your changes are about positive changes with fun and excitement. Its the good change. Its change by choice… and it is wonderful. By the way, sometimes its the little, fun shifts that make the biggest difference in your life and your happiness!

So where are you right now? Are you enjoying life experiences: never, some of the time, most of the time? What if you can transition to more and more positive experiences, even when seemingly ‘bad’ situations come your way?

Which way are you trending? Are you having more or less:

  • Success
  • Fun
  • Excitement
  • Joy
  • Accomplishment


In what area of your life?